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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Meals On Wheels CVS/Pharmacy LPGA Challenge

9/23/09 San Ramon, CA

Yesterday, as a part of her efforts to spread awareness about senior hunger in America as a part of the Meals On Wheels campaign entitled The Next Meal,  [] , LPGA Tour Professional, Jee Young Lee made local San Ramon meal deliveries to shut in seniors.

Jee Young delivered meals with Ann Frasier of the San Ramon organization, Meals On Wheels, Senior Outreach Services, [1300 Civic Drive, Walnut Creek, CA 94596  (925) 937-8607 x 111].

Jee Young's example is similar to other LPGA players as they attempt not only to entertain and thrill area fans with their talent and determination on the golf course, but to also bring awareness of local needs, perform valuable services in the communities surrounding their tournaments and to set examples for area youth as to how best to succeed in sports and in life.

Thank you for your efforts in bringing attention to senior hunger which exists even in great communities like San Ramon.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Doug Burr For City Council in San Ramon

Doug Burr
Candidate for City Council
Doug Burr, a resident of San Ramon, is running for the San Ramon City Council in November 2009.

Doug lives in the Dougherty Valley with his wife and two children. He went to UC Davis, earning a BA in Economics and an MBA. He is a management consultant, advising Fortune 500 companies. Doug spent 8 years in the US Army Reserve where he ended his service as a Captain in the Infantry.

As Doug puts it, "My first experience in politics was trying to get stop signs put in front of our local school. The City Council refused, so I authored an initiative to let the voters decide. The City Council unanimously voted to sue me, I believe to stop me with a SLAPP (strategic lawsuit against public participation). They said more than one stop sign was too many issues."

Doug Burr is running for San Ramon City Council to serve the San Ramon residents. He believes that the City should operate in full transparency. "We need to publish all contracts prior to the City signing them, residents should have access to every expenditure the city makes, to the penny. (except for healthcare details and expenses on children)," said Doug.

Other areas of importance to Doug include keeping Tassajara Valley undeveloped. "The current City Council is moving towards annexing the Tassajara Valley, a way to bypass the voter approved Urban Limit Line and allow massive development with a large percentage of low income housing. This would reduce the value of existing San Ramon homes. I am also concerned about the City Council's other action's urbanizing our city."

With eminent domain now on the books in San Ramon and with the fact that the City Council and the Redevelopment Agency being one and the same, since it is the City Council members who serve as the governing board; Doug is very much concerned about the misuse of redevelopment agency funds and possible eminent domain actions for the North Camino Ramon Specific Plan and other areas in San Ramon.

Doug places much value on supporting education in the San Ramon Valley and having great schools which not only benefit San Ramon's youngest citizens but also help drive higher property values. Doug was aghast when, "the City Council voted to raise the speed limit from 25 to 40 mph on a two lane road with a blind curve, going up a hill with homes on one side and two parks on the other side, What were they thinking?"

After local San Ramon residents complaints fell on deaf ears at the City Council meetings and its members, they spoke with Doug, a leader on traffic safety, who ended up taking an active roll in protecting our youth, and made a difference in the San Ramon community while providing safer streets for our youth and citizens.

Support Doug Burr For City Council

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

National Health Care Letters to the Editor

Regarding the Whole Nation Health Plan : The basic consideration was that 46 million Americans did not have health coverage. This is about 15% of the total population of the U.S. ( 305 mil ).

That means that 85% has/or did have coverage. A breakdown of the 46mil can be found at... The Myth of the 46 Million Uninsured.

Many of those choose not to have coverage, many qualify for programs, but have not made an application, some are of the Medicaid under count. And there are other categories.

My concern is, the government would have us put brand new tires on the car... when all we need to do is fix the flat one.

Ted G.
West Covina , CA.

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