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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

City Council Elves : Elf Yourself

The San Ramon City Council Gets in the Holiday Mood.
San Ramon City Council ElvesSan Ramon City Council ElfCouncilmember David E. Hudson, Councilmember Scott Perkins, Mayor H. Abram Wilson, Vice Mayor Jim Livingstone, and Councilmember Carol J. Rowley perform for the citizens of San Ramon. Here they are putting on the Santa Elf costumes to get us all ready for the holidays.

See them live for a limited engagement at Elf Yourself. Links to each Dance number are found here.

The first production number is called: Santa's Four Elves

The second production is a solo by: Councilmember Rowley titled: Santa's Favorite

From all of us to all of you, Happy Holidays San Ramon City Council Members. Keep the smile on your faces. You guys look good in the elf costumes. Ho Ho Ho!

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Anonymous said...

Wrong costume SCROOGE would be more fitting for this city council.

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