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Friday, February 29, 2008

County Places Road Block to Tassajara Valley

The Contra Costa Times reported that Contra Costa County is putting up a road block at the moment, in regards to San Ramon expanding the sphere of influence to Tassajara Valley.

San Ramon's environmental impact report has sent "red flags" to the Contra Costa County's Local Agency Formation Commission, the agency which oversees annexations. The report states, "no new development is being contemplated" but, the San Ramon General Plan refers to possible "future development of the area."

Additionally, the environment impact report was found lacking in many areas including: "potentially significant environmental effects, conversion of agricultural land, loss of open space, effects on utilities and impacts on public services," was stated by Local Agency Formation Commission's executive director, Lou Ann Texeira, in her letter to the city.

Danville leaders are also concerned because the San Ramon environmental impact report did not take into account the traffic and other environmental impacts that would directly affect Danville.

Note: The current county's voter-approved urban limit line in the Tassajara Valley bars any development until at least 2026. But, having San Ramon's sphere of influence extended into the Tassajara Valley could bring development to that area as soon as 2010.

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