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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Doug Burr Revamps Traffic Safety Initiatives

A group of San Ramon residents, led by Doug Burr were seeking to have the city of San Ramon add 11 stop signs in the Windemere neighborbood and reduce the speeds to 30 miles an hour for all of Windemere and East Branch Parkways.

The city was suing Doug for not having a separate initiative for every single stop sign and for their assessment that the speed limit initiative would have been unconstitutional under state law for police using radar to enforce speed limits in those areas affected by the speed limit initiative.

However, when the state's highest court declined to review a similar "pre-election challenge", it would have required Mr. Burr going to a full trial and costing him a lot of money.

Burr and hundreds of other residents feel that the "Windermere neighborhoods are unsafe, with poorly planned intersections." Contra Costa Times

Burr would like to add a scaled back initiative with just four stop signs near Hidden Hills Elementary School.

Read the history of the Windemere Stop Signs and Speed Limit Initiatives.

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