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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Wilson or Buchanan for State Assembly District 15?

Can we merge the Republican and Democratic candidates for State Assembly District 15? Can we throw out some items that we don't like and add others that we do? Guess not. Bottom line, we have a tough election choice to make this November 4 at the voting booth.

"Assembly District 15 candidates Joan Buchanan and Abram Wilson met face to face Wednesday night to give their views on issues ranging from education to universal healthcare, at Iron Horse Middle School in San Ramon."

Read more about their meeting at the Danville Weekly column by Dolores Fox Ciardelli


Anonymous said...

I loathe both of these candidates. Neither represent me. In fact they both deeply offend my sensibilities deeply and both of these bottom feeders have no qualms about flaunting it in my face.

This election forces a choice of lesser evils. However in the case of the state assembly, neither choice is acceptable.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Abram Wilson is the canidate we want to run our district. Buchanan says things that she doesn't truly believe in, she says different things to different crowds just to make them vote for her.
To me she is not ready to run our district and Mayor Abram Wilson is. I am democrat saying this...

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