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Monday, January 26, 2009

The Mall War Heats up in San Ramon

Our hats go off to Lisa Vorderbrueggen, the Contra Costa Times Political Editor for her uncovering some of the behind the scenes legal happenings in San Ramon as it relates to the Downtown City Center Project. This is a must read article.

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By Lisa Vorderbrueggen
Contra Costa Times
Posted: 01/24/2009 06:37:34 PM PST
Updated: 01/24/2009 10:40:16 PM PST

THERE ARE NO coincidences, right?

Consider these developments in San Ramon related to its partnership with Sunset Development to build a new city center and high-end shopping mall downtown:

Read the Contra Costa Times article.

The Times article mentions that, "Stockton attorney Steven Herum filed a public records act request in November with San Ramon seeking all documents related to the project."

In addition to those items, maybe Lisa can ask some questions of Mayor Abram Wilson and Alex Mehran of Sunset Development Company. Maybe "Deep Throat" will give her some insight.

Why did Abram Wilson abstain for voting for or against Sunset Development buying back the 7.5 acres of property from the City of San Ramon for just a cost of living increase? See links in article: San Ramon Monkey Business in the Sunset

Does Mayor Wilson have any ties to Sunset Development for financial arrangements as part of his background being that of an Investment Banker?

Does Mayor Wilson or his company stand to gain any moneys on this San Ramon City Sunset Development public/private partnership agreement?

When will the city of San Ramon be releasing the Financial statements and public/private partnership agreements which were promised to be released months ago?

With Sunset Development's control over the proposed Downtown City Center properties (the 7.5 acre property has already been sold back to Alex Mehran) using the Option to Repurchase Property clause for substantially less than the properties are worth for both the 7.5 acres and the 11 acres, and the right for Alex Mehran to exercise that clause for whatever reason, including if he does not like what is being proposed to be built; did the City of San Ramon really own the property at all? Or was it a shell game? Or was this a scheme for Alex Mehran to avoid paying property taxes on the properties for all these years. Note: The option to Repurchase Property clause has been extended and will continue to be extended by the City Council, otherwise Alex Mehran would exercise his option to repurchase.

Mayor Wilson, your bio tells us that the cost has gone up substantially from the proposed $750,000,000.00 to now $900,000,000.00 and the downtown center project hasn't even been started yet. If you had those figures from at least 6 months ago, why haven't you released the actual financial figures to the public?

Given the state of the economy, and since this is a public/private partnership arraignment between the City of San Ramon and Sunset Development, what are the City liabilities and ultimately what will the San Ramon Taxpayers be on the hook for, if Sunset Development can not fill occupancy rates to the level prescribed? With reports almost everyday of major department stores, i.e. Mervyns closing, or downsizing, what happens in the case of not having any major department anchor stores or hotel chain coming to the San Ramon Downtown Center? What are the increased costs to the City for services and infrastructure support going to be? What if tax revenue is down, because of low occupancy rates, where will the money come from to pay for all the increased services?

From the N.E.W.S. Side of San Ramon.

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