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Monday, April 27, 2009

War is Hell!

Open Letter To The MEEK

Upon my return from Japan in 1954, I was assigned to another Air Force Intel. Unit here in the States. A group of 20 of us were given the task to find out "How Do You Make Some One Talk Right Now?" We had unlimited sources of information from history, other services, people and the practices of other countries. I can only tell you our results were upgraded to Top Secret and re-assigned to "Washington." These methods were far more stringent than those allowed at Guatanamo.

To suggest that disallowance of these current procedures will influence our enemies to reduce similar procedures or lessen retribution to our soldiers is asinine.

Any method that will save the life of one or more U.S. lives is justified. WAR IS HELL!

To those of you who disagree.....please, please take a walk in the shoes of the of the vulnerable!

T. Grinst...

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