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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Campaign to Save Our Ridges

Please support the legal challenge of the Sierra Club and East Bay Regional Parks to hillside development at Las Trampas known as the Northwest Specific Plan. Read detailed information about Saving Our Ridges in San Ramon. The challenge is to require the City Council to abide by the General Plan which requires hillside developments be voted on by the citizens of San Ramon before approval.

If you support this legal challenge you can contribute by making your checks payable to:

"Sierra Club Foundation"

Add a note in the memo area to read "San Ramon Litigation".

Mail your contribution to:

San Francisco Bay Chapter

Sierra Club

2530 San Pablo Avenue, Suite 1

Berkeley, Ca. 94702-9918

This donation is a tax deductible contribution with no maximum limit to the Foundation!


Please contribute as much as you can. We are looking to gather $10,000.00 by the end of this year and the same next year. The Sierra Club is donating $20,000.00 and has asked the citizens of San Ramon to match that amount. We will be campaigning throughout the summer for contributions.

If you can contribute $100.00 we can meet our goal. Groups and Homeowners Associations can contribute more to get to our goal. If you have already pledged money to the lawsuit, please send it in to the address above.

If you would like to help by having a meeting of your neighbors to raise funds, we would be glad to speak to the group about the lawsuit and the City's future.

Help us help San Ramon maintain our quality of life, our green hills and open space.

Thank you,

Jim Gibbon, AIA

Jim Blikenstaff, Sierra Club


This information was submitted to San Ramon News. We at San Ramon News support the efforts involved in maintaining a good quality of life, and keeping the hills and open space open for future generations to come. What we do now, will have a major impact for the future.

This City Council, Mayor H. Abram Wilson, Council Members: Scott Perkins, Carol Rowley, David Hudson, and Jim Livingstone, think they don't have to abide by what the voters have said about not building on the ridges.

So, if you can help in any way, it would be much appreciated.

The San Ramon News Team

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