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Sunday, July 29, 2007

San Ramon City Council Election Signups Deadline Aug. 10

Three San Ramon Council Seats are up for Election

The November General Election is right around the corner, and three seats are up for election.

August 10th is the final day of sign ups for the general election. The filing fee is $900.00.

Anyone interested in running and also interested in having a voice in the current state of affairs, should consider running on a team ticket. Each candidate will have as much as $28,000 to spend maximum on this election. Three good candidates, to make a difference, is what is needed. Having an organization to back a group of three that stands for truth in city government, maintaining a good quality of life in San Ramon, maintaining open spaces and hillsides, and bringing an openness back to the City Council, would be the ideal solution to the current state of affairs.

The Mayor and two City Council seats are up for election. Mayor H. Abram Wilson and council members Scott Perkins and Carol Rowley have said they are running for re-election.

Mayor H. Abram Wilson plans to jump ship from Mayor, if re-elected, and run for the Assembly District 15 seat, currently occupied by Guy Houston, R-San Ramon, if Houston is termed out. Houston is currently in his third term. News Media Source: Contra Costa Times

Wilson, Perkins, and Rowley want to increase traffic and congestion, increase building on the hillsides, and continue in their back room dealings with Alex Mehran of Sunset Development with a downtown center that has not been fully exposed for what it is. Namely, the City Center as it currently is being portrayed will be a divider of San Ramon, not a uniter, and the financial terms which have never been fully exposed to the people are yet to be determined what the final cost will be to the San Ramon taxpayers. The cost has been reported to be more than $750,000,000.00 to build it.

Here is what we know so far about the City Center. Planned eight story office buildings, more traffic and more congestion that will spill onto other city streets, a proposed upscale shopping area with an upscale anchor store (which has not been found to date), and a upscale hotel which also has not been found. It is important to note, that just because someone wants an upscale anchor and hotel for the shopping center, does not mean that an upscale anchor wants to set up a store or hotel in this part of San Ramon.

One has to wonder, what type of land swaps, reduced or elimination of city taxes and building fees, and other under-the-table dealings has the City Council agreed to with Sunset Development. What is Sunset Development holding over the head of San Ramon? Could it be that there are some hidden clauses in properties that have been given to San Ramon by Sunset Development, in exchange for a major reduction or elimination of permit fees and taxes? What type of liability issues are the San Ramon taxpaying citizens facing in the future with this San Ramon City Center deal?

The San Ramon News Team.

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